Our Methodology DNA

Digitiza unique approach was designed based on a trusted well articulated frameworks that has been widely accepted across the globe. It has been endorsed by our industry experts and delivery gurus to ensure successful delivery that results in sustainable benefits realization and achievement of the winning strategies that will boost growth, transform your business and promote innovation.


- Identify big problems
- Cohesive Unit Evaluation
- Current State Assessment
- Requirements Gathering


- Envision the big picture
- Future State Analysis
- Facts Analysis and synthesis
- Align goals and Objectives
- Identify threats, find opportunities


- Introduce Innovative solutions
- Redesign business processes and tool
-Address evolving customer needs
- Build efficient business models
- Plan for the change
- Prototyping


- Strategize with clients to determine
- recommendations to implement
- Identify needed resources
- Drive initiatives
- Formalize planning


- Implement target solutions
- Adopt new systems and enforce new procedures
- Execute strategic projects

On-board & Accelerate

- Removing Obstacles
- Go for quick wins
- Integrate the change
- Provide Effective Training
- Enforce the resources
- Select champions of Change

Castigate/Evaluate / Review and feedback

- criticize outcomes
- Verify the solutions
- Communicate the results
- Develop improvement blueprints
- Agile modify and apply
- Formulate KPIs

FREEZE/ Sustain/ Maintain

- Implement Sustainment Activities
- Anchor business changes and final improvements
- Operate effective support model
- Conclude solutions and transformation initiatives
- Look out for opportunities