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Who We Are?

Digitiza works hard every day to create a better life for patients and healthcare facilities in the region of Middle East and Africa (MEA). Through our brilliant network of partners, highly performing consortiums, consulting leaders, advisory agents and technology gurus, we offer comprehensive healthcare services and IT consultancy to governments, ministries, care providers and healthcare industry stakeholders.
We strive to be your trusted choice of services and advisor. We aim to dominate the healthcare IT consulting services for better health, anywhere and everywhere.

Why partnering with DigITiza?

ROI Focused

Today, return on investment stands as a crucial indicator to measure your monetary value of decisions, objectives, and investments. At Digitiza, we utilize systematic value engineering (VE) techniques to generate solutions/designs to improve function/cost relationship. We brand ourselves as one of the rare market experts who will, positively, be a helpful hand for your business to maximize ROI and provide cost effective models, solutions and investments for you.

Best In Class Solutions

Digitiza, through its corporate strategy, positioned itself as a Best In Class solutions providers. We have partnered with top notch global solutions and consultancy providers in order to equip your healthcare communities and operations with state of art solutions, engineered by global vendors and according to the latest health breakthroughs for better health.

Our solutions runs through wide spectrum of healthcare specialities, including: Value based medicine, electronic medical records (EMR), healthcare systems integration, payers – provider solutions, health Information Exchange (HIE) ,pharmaceutical information technologies, Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), in addition to special purpose made platforms.

Working strategically,  to align your objectives

We adapt a strategic planning mindset and approach to map your business, technical and financial objectives to achieve your strategic goals. We are always happy to provide extraordinary efforts and collaborate to direct you for optimal choices, which honestly and sincerely fits your purpose.

Extended Support

Clients and customers has been always concerned about level of support    guaranteed towards their investments, Digitiza mission was setup based on providing extended premium support for our clients, we believe in the importance of putting support into place before the crisis hits, and you deserve our support

Proven track record

Our track record speaks for itself. Through our long existence in healthcare consulting market, we have successfully delivered many healthcare projects to both private and governmental parties, we formed mega alliances to operate private public partnership business models via BOOT contracts. We try hard and work believing that “Impossible is nothing”, allowing us to reach extra-ordinary performance level.

Decades of Experience

Whether you are targeting a re-designed technical architecture, healthcare consultancy services, smart healthcare business modelling or an Integrated healthcare delivery to eliminate duplication and fragmentation, Our team who proudly owns decades of experience will empower you to achieve your business objectives


Population Health and Value-Based Care

To manage value-based care delivery effectively, hospitals are looking for tools that can ease the process of population health management, health information exchange, and improve their business intelligence. Digitizaoffers value-based care strategy development, care model alignment, population health IT platform selection and change management that aims at supporting your organization’s transition to outcome-based payment models. Even as value-based care can boost overall patient outcomes, hospitals are at risk of using traditional fee-for-service models. These underlying risks prompt many hospitals and health systems to take up IT tools that help improve workflow and interoperability. This tracks and manages care better so as to maximize the potential for success.

Project Management

Solely relying on either project management, IT management, or change management disciplines individually does not ensure project success. As there are high stakes in the healthcare industry, integrating all three increases the likelihood of project success. With varying levels of scale and complexity, from project conception to planning and execution, Digitiza incorporates proven project management principles that can save lives and boost patient wellbeing, as well as improve daily operations and outcomes of all healthcare providers working in the industry.

Implementation and Deployment

Digitiza’s implementation and deployment services will ensure that you’re up and running quickly and efficiently. Our experienced team takes the time to understand your current process and implements our dynamic methodologies to deliver success in your projects. Our implementation and deployment approach guarantees full support of your IT health system from strategy to implementation. This lets us offer you fast time to value, increased return to investment, ability to scale, and access to industry and product expertise.

Digital Transformation

Business Advisory


Performance Improvement

There has been pressure put on healthcare providers to deliver consistent and high-quality care for value-based, patient-centric care and the rising healthcare costs. To ease the process, collaborating with us ensures that you optimize infrastructure by combining resources to tailor, develop, implement, and monitor care delivery techniques. We will evaluate data, integrate analytical methodologies, research systems, and explore workflows to provide opportunities and boost patient care. Digitiza collaborates with organizations to apply improved processes and create efficiencies that can withstand changes within the industry.



Population Health
and Value-Based Care

To manage value-based care delivery effectively, hospitals are looking for tools that can ease the process of population health management, health information exchange, and
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Solely relying on either project management, IT management, or change management disciplines individually does not ensure project success. As there are high stakes in thehealthcare
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and Deployment

Digitiza's implementation and deployment services will ensure that you're up and running quickly and efficiently. Our experienced team takes the time to understand your current
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There has been pressure put on healthcare providers to deliver consistent and high-quality care for value-based, patient-centric care and the rising healthcare costs. . To ease the process,
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DigITizA Consulting DNA

Digitiza unique approach was designed based on a trusted well articulated frameworks that has been widely accepted across the globe. It has been endorsed by our industry experts and delivery gurus to ensure successful delivery that results in sustainable benefits realization and achievement of the winning strategies that will boost growth, transform your business and promote innovation.

On-board & Accelerate
Castigate/Evaluate /
Review and feedback
FREEZE/ Sustain/ Maintain
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Our philosophy

We go deep to analyze situations and have the courage to make the change. We encourage challenge and critical thinking by choosing only the best people to work together.

Understanding Your Business

We aim to understand your business and set the right goals with the right priorities, we make sure to see through our client’s eyes to catch the right opportunities.
Common language is a must when it comes to setting the goals based on your values, principles, and norms, to reach a midpoint and define how the organization should perform.

Smart Planning Leads to Great Results.

In the foundation of everything we do, value comes at the top of everything else, we drive value by understanding exactly what you need, researching the market, and proposing the suitable advice that will surely grow your business.

Where Experience and Capabilities Meet

Our uniquely experienced team has enough knowledge, integrity, creativity, professionalism, and innovation. It is built based on their background and their amazing portfolio to translate your vision into reality. We bring the latest technologies needed for empowering our talents to reach the innovation level desired.

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Merging the Expertise

Your vision is our vision, we translate your needs into smart plans that will later on become your desired reality, relying on our expertise. Providing an outstanding service requires having the best expertise and the right tools that help us achieve innovative procedures and methodologies.

Utilizing Our Latests Innovative Methodologie

We are empowered by the finest consultancy experts, we use the latest innovative methodologies and tools such as: design thinking studios, mind mapping techniques, risk assessment and mitigation practices, trusted technical services, outsourcing pools, financial and business modelling, system integration engines, customer support centres and exclusive enterprise solutions. Our risk assessment counselling and risk analysis programs depend on the industry’s best practices and are performed by knowledgeable specialists prepared in the field of risk assessment.

Diving into the eco-system

Our ecosystems are driven by innovation and integrity, we make sure to formulate an outstanding ecosystem that meets our client’s needs and that covers all the aspects of their business, and that is done by offering a unique atmosphere, allowing you to reach us and get the right consultation and support that you need.

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Implementing Change, Renovating Reality

We create a carefully designed Implementation cycles that follow global standards and methodologies to help in the formation of a successful IT investment. Our main goal of partnering with global leaders is to provide quality solutions that address our client’s concerns. We encourage the implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence to step up and stay ahead of new business requirements and trends. We follow the latest architectural and infrastructural technologies that increase technology enablement.

Monitoring and Improvement

Continuous improvement and following up are important to fill any gap that may occur. Evaluation contains defining your value proposition and your areas of improvement, such as reducing costs, improving efficiency, promoting diversity, and penetrating new markets. We will work together to create a strategy that helps in monitoring the company’s desired goals and tracking their progress. Our job is to draw the big picture, which will help you make the ideal decision. We aim to deliver balanced results with a sense of strategic and tactical executing, that will help define our long-term goals.

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Our Core Values and Guiding Principles


Integrity is fundamental to all that we do. Integrity breeds trust on all levels: between us and our clients, between us and our partners and between our team members themselves. Our culture puts emphasis on how vital reaching the highest standards of ethics is to the reputation of our business. We stay true to our values in decision making, in negotiations and communications. Not only caring for the relationships’ aspects, but our solutions, services and systems integrity is a foundational character of our integrity reflection. Collectively, that all reflect on patients satisfaction and health outcomes.

Client Satisfaction

Digitiza clients are its foundation and center of attention. We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding our client expectations, to boost their satisfaction and align with our vision of being their first choice. We achieve this by adopting fundamental and extra mile practices in pre-delivery, during delivery and post-delivery phase. It is your satisfaction what motivates us to excel.

Building Sustainable Relationships

Driven to provide high-quality and value-based care, we put all our efforts towards creating long-term relationships with our esteemed clients. We, therefore, put consideration in developing winning strategies and innovative choices to understand our client’s business model with the aim to exceed their expectations and build a sustainable healthcare IT system.


In all our interactions, we have respect for all our clients, employees and partners – treating them with the highest business standards. Respect is granted for everyone regardless if they’re different from us or who don’t agree with us; believing it builds feeling of trust, safety and wellbeing.


We believe to be the best in everything we do. We set ambitious but realistic goals for our skilled team while providing an environment that nurtures professional development. We achieve distinction through our code of ethics, operational standards and great delivery & operations.


We strive to make our firm a better place by developing our team. The support helps us boost their creativity and interaction, as well as facilitate collaboration and continuous learning. This enables us to build a strong brand, support our healthcare communities and contribute to a better quality of life for human-race.


Working together effectively helps us cultivate genuine collaborations in workgroups, across functions and among leaders, internally and externally.


Working with high levels of commitment is what makes us unique in Digitiza, We make your dreams happen. We make a decision so strong that there is no going back, to reach your goals. At each step along the way with you, our commitment inspires us to do “whatever it takes” until “we make it happen”


At Digitiza, Diversity is an integral part of our culture and image. Diversity, Inclusion are more than just words for us, we practice diversity as we have a team of qualified individuals from different backgrounds who always bring unique problem-solving solutions. We believe in equal opportunities for all people regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality and personal creed

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