About Us

About US

Who We Are?

Digitiza works hard every day to create a better life for patients and healthcare facilities in the region of Middle East and Africa (MEA). Through our brilliant network of partners, highly performing consortiums, consulting leaders, advisory agents and technology gurus, we offer comprehensive healthcare services and IT consultancy to governments, ministries, care providers and healthcare industry stakeholders.

The healthcare industry is going through a significant shift as it continuously battles rising health care costs and pressures from the evolving market dynamics driven by changing reforms. We are well aware that health systems and other provider organisations are encouraged to adjust care delivery methods so as to optimize patient outcomes, reduce unnecessary costs and maximize profitability. This is our core skill and expertise.

In Digitiza, we believe that technology is as important as people and knowledge.When used correctly, technology has the capacity to effectively streamline workflows and reach greater populations. It’s not just about the excitement of the technology that is integrated; rather, Digitiza leverages technology as the tool that can help facilitate the delivery of unmatched healthcare services, improve outcomes and reduce costs.

As Value-based healthcare is more than a trend, nowadays, It’s the future of healthcare delivery in the world. Most importantly, it represents an opportunity for healthcare systems to embrace the potential of IT technology in controlling both healthcare costs and delivering the quality of care.

We strive to be your trusted choice of services and advisor. We aim to dominate the healthcare IT consulting services for better health, anywhere and everywhere.

Our People

Our employees and consultants are our strategic partners in Digitiza businesses and the most valuable assets that we hold dear to our organization. Empowered with care, passion and commitment: each member works, tirelessly, to revolutionize the way healthcare emerges and contribute to a healthier health across the globe.
With over 20 years of experience, our dedicated team of professionals have great acumen in understanding the implications of regulatory changes in healthcare, the market pressures influencing shifts in the care delivery and reimbursement models and the resulting effect on operations.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced consultants have deep knowledge in handling every aspect of Health system integration and delivery from pre-procurement, implementation and deployment to optimisation and transition – guaranteeing technical and operational project success from the beginning to end.

Our Purpose

To be the first choice Healthcare IT consultancy and services company in the Middle East region. We envision ourselves as becoming the most reliable and result-oriented consultancy company.


To harness our technological prowess and business acumen in healthcare IT solutions so as to improve the everyday life for Patients and healthcare professionals. This drives us to fulfil our purpose and attain our vision in alignment with our core values.

Our Core Values and Guiding Principles


Integrity is fundamental to all that we do. Integrity breeds trust on all levels: between us and our clients, between us and our partners and between our team members themselves. Our culture puts emphasis on how vital reaching the highest standards of ethics is to the reputation of our business. We stay true to our values in decision making, in negotiations and communications. Not only caring for the relationships’ aspects, but our solutions, services and systems integrity is a foundational character of our integrity reflection. Collectively, that all reflect on patients satisfaction and health outcomes.

Client Satisfaction

Digitiza clients are its foundation and center of attention. We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding our client expectations, to boost their satisfaction and align with our vision of being their first choice. We achieve this by adopting fundamental and extra mile practices in pre-delivery, during delivery and post-delivery phase. It is your satisfaction what motivates us to excel.

Building Sustainable Relationships

Driven to provide high-quality and value-based care, we put all our efforts towards creating long-term relationships with our esteemed clients. We, therefore, put consideration in developing winning strategies and innovative choices to understand our client’s business model with the aim to exceed their expectations and build a sustainable healthcare IT system.


In all our interactions, we have respect for all our clients, employees and partners – treating them with the highest business standards. Respect is granted for everyone regardless if they’re different from us or who don’t agree with us; believing it builds feeling of trust, safety and wellbeing.


We believe to be the best in everything we do. We set ambitious but realistic goals for our skilled team while providing an environment that nurtures professional development. We achieve distinction through our code of ethics, operational standards and great delivery & operations.


We strive to make our firm a better place by developing our team. The support helps us boost their creativity and interaction, as well as facilitate collaboration and continuous learning. This enables us to build a strong brand, support our healthcare communities and contribute to a better quality of life for human-race.


Working together effectively helps us cultivate genuine collaborations in workgroups, across functions and among leaders, internally and externally.


Working with high levels of commitment is what makes us unique in Digitiza, We make your dreams happen. We make a decision so strong that there is no going back, to reach your goals. At each step along the way with you, our commitment inspires us to do “whatever it takes” until “we make it happen”


At Digitiza, Diversity is an integral part of our culture and image. Diversity, Inclusion are more than just words for us, we practice diversity as we have a team of qualified individuals from different backgrounds who always bring unique problem-solving solutions. We believe in equal opportunities for all people regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality and personal creed

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